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April 19, 2015 

Praise God for New Life in Christ!

Josie Wert was baptized into Christ last Sunday morning! She came forward during the invitation song and told me she wanted to be baptized. I was a little caught off guard and emotions got the best of me. Then I noticed her Dad was having trouble leading the invitation song. What a glorious day! As a Grandpa, she’s my first grandchild to be baptized into Christ. Luke and Lesley are a fine example of a young family in our church. Josie’s Dad was honored to baptize her. How sweet, how heavenly is the sight, when those that love the Lord. In one another’s peace delight, and so fulfill His Word!”

Learning to Pray for People in Authority

When the Michigan State Senate convenes as a body to do the work of the people, they begin with a word of prayer. I had the honor of being asked by Senator Tom Casperson to lead that prayer this past week. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I had while visiting the State Capitol in Lansing. My preconceived notions about State Government were not completely accurate. I want to share that experience with you today in our lesson.

Bonnie and I arrived in Lansing on Tuesday for our tour of the Capitol Building and had dinner with senators and government officials. To say I was out of my comfort zone is an understatement. Fancy dinners are not something Bonnie and I have a lot of experience with. “Why do I have two forks?”

I felt like a fish out of water, but the men at the dinner were gracious and open to conversation. Through the dinner I was able to learn that one man had lost his son to cancer a little over two years ago. Another was dealing with a son who had made bad financial choices. Their struggles and pain are no different from ours.

The Bible Study at 7:00 am…the prayer at 10:00 am…I have so much more to tell you, but I’ll save it until our lesson—“Learning to Pray for People in Authority.” Dave


VBS Date Set!
Our summer outreach—VBS—will be held on Saturday, June 20th. This is a full-day of Bible stories, activities and games. Lunch is provided by the church. We’ll have a working lunch to discuss our plans for VBS and get people lined up with responsibilities on TODAY right after church. Lunch has been planned for everyone.

Family Night—April 22nd                      
Wednesday evening we meet for supper at 5:30; activities at 6:00. Our Activity this week will be directed by the Huffs.  This month we learned about the Story of Ruth. Our Bible text is from Ruth chapters 3 & 4.  Our Memory Work is Genesis 22:14b. Volunteers this week: Meal: Davis; Songs/prayer: Dave; Activity: Huff; Memory: TBA.

Family Nights in May: Parables for Today
We’re going to start a special series of lessons on Wednesday nights in May. Lessons will include a video, Bible study and Memory work. The same general format will be followed: meal at 5:30 with activities starting at 6:00. The first week will include a video of one of the parables of Jesus set in the present day and a Bible study about the parable. We’ll plan to spend two weeks on each parable.

Guest Speaker
Jesse Huff will present our lesson in worship next Sunday, April 26th.

Community Lunch at Salvation Army Kitchen
The next date we’re scheduled to host the Community Lunch is Saturday, July 18th.


Newberry Spring Sing
There shall be showers of blessing: This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing, Sent from the Savior above.
Showers of blessing, Showers of blessing we need. Mercy drops round us are falling, But for the showers we need. The May Spring Sing is 10-2 on Saturday, May 2nd.

13th Annual UP Men’s Retreat
Friday-Saturday, May 15-16th
Guest Speaker is Al Meakes, Outreach Minister for the Plymouth church of Christ. Al also served as the pulpit minister in the Marquette church and co-host of Let the Bible Speak in the 1980’s. Our theme is “Revival of Hope,” and joining Al as a guest speaker is Richard Westlund. This is always a very great time of encouragement and spiritual growth as well as a wonderful time of fellowship. For more information please contact Jim Larsen at (906) 226-2310 or Email: yooperman@charter.net


Josie Wert came forward and was baptized into Christ on Sunday morning! Congratulations and praise the Lord!

Sharon Deneau’s granddaughter, Ashley, is pregnant and the baby doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome.

Wayne Anderson was scheduled for bypass surgery on Thursday.

Charles Vassar has been diagnosed with COPD and congestive heart failure—only 40 years old.

Judy Wiltzius is still in the hospital and struggling with congestive heart failure.

Sara Wert is having major problems with her back. They need to find the answers for treatment.

Missy is having neck therapy; Melissa is having kidney stone problems.

Eric, Stephanie, Peter, Kyle, Jesse, Matt, Jess, Thomas.

Health: Andrea Way, Jackie, Lynn, Carole, Theresa, Alyce Jean; Cancer: Lori Gardener, Christi Robinson, Bob Johnson, Dan Conner, Fred Coates, Janet Gazan, Lori, Tracie Frappier, Alisia Roland, Tony Fittante, Rose Beauchamp, Mary Ann Poe, Jeanette Pierce.  Pregnancy: Marissa Briere.

Health Concerns



Continued Concerns

Any updates on our Continued Concerns? Please call or e-mail so we can refresh our concerns to the Lord. Call 233-0065; E-mail  ltbs@att.net. 

Serving Sunday, April 19, 2015

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