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October 4, 2015 

“A New Bible?”

WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL is an evangelistic effort by Christians around the world to engage folks in our world through Bible Correspondence Courses through the mail and on-line. Their monthly publication is called ACTION, and I have copied part of that article here. For more information, visit their website: www.worldbibleschool.net. Dave

John Reese — CEDAR PARK, Texas

Many World Bible School (WBS) teachers assume that the King James Version (KJV) was the standard for early WBS branded courses. In fact, Jimmie Lovell as WBS director and Leonard Mullins as editor selected the American Standard Version (ASV).

When new courses began in 1993, Tex Williams as director and John Reese as editor selected the New International Version (NIV). The ASV was accurate but disadvantaged by difficult English. The KJV remained then, as now, by far the best seller worldwide. But its research in 1611 was limited, and its archaic wording made it unsuitable for many Third World students. At that time the NIV, the leading seller after the KJV, was selected. In places its smoothness in English reduced accuracy. Where necessary, such deficiencies were overcome by editorial clarity in the lesson. Where the NIV used advanced English terms, the Easy to Read Version (ERV) was used as a parallel to help the less educated.

The most recent (2011) NIV introduced controversial changes and stopped all publishing of the 1984 edition, precluding its further use by WBS. Like many others, WBS launched into renewed research into which version could best serve courses and Bible printings. (A singular version aids consistent grading since WBS test questions use Scripture’s wording.) Three priorities were identified: availability, readability and especially accuracy for in-depth study. Thus weighted, the “essentially literal” English Standard Version (ESV) emerged as a leader—as its market growth also indicates. Its readability (similar to the NKJV) is less suitable for some students, but editorial clarifications in WBS lessons can overcome this disadvantage.

Converting all print and online courses to the ESV involves substantial work and expense, as does publishing WBS’ edition of the ESV Bible—running into the hundreds of thousands in up-front costs.

A version change is rare, but when it becomes necessary it’s a great time to pull together. So far, 30,000,000 have been taught. Let’s gear up to teach many more!

The English Standard Version satisfies our priorities: availability, readability and especially accuracy for in-depth study.

“A New Bible for TV?”

I’ve been considering translation options for our TV Ministry LET THE BIBLE SPEAK. The Bible Correspondence Course (BCC) we currently use in the UP is now out of print. It was the only BCC I could find based upon the NIV. However, since the NIV was recently changed to reflect our changing times, the wording is not identical to the courses. What I mean by that is the change from a gender-based translation to one that is gender-neutral.  

So—given the course is out of print and the NIV Bible has changed (original version is no longer available); I started considering a version for LET THE BIBLE SPEAK that may be as readable as the NIV but does not take liberty with gender indications that are not consistent with the Hebrew and Greek texts.

One of the benefits of changing to the ESV as our TV Bible would be our ability to partner with WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL for print and on-line Bible Courses for our viewers.

Today our lesson will focus attention on “How We Got the Bible.” We did a series of lessons on this topic in the Adult Bible Study a few years ago, and I’ve found myself drawn to a refresher course as we contemplate this change for LET THE BIBLE SPEAK.

I am strongly leaning toward a change to the ESV as the translation we use for the TV Ministry. I am not going to make this decision without counsel and prayer. Your prayers and feedback would be appreciated.
God bless, Dave


Fall Harvest POTLUCK Today!
Our first Potluck for the Fall season will be today right after our worship service. Our Potlucks will be held on the 1st Sunday of each month through the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Wednesday FAMILY NIGHT—October 7th We meet for supper at 5:30; activities at 6:00. You can read our stories in advance by reading 1 Samuel 17-19. This week we’ll study chapter 9 about the anointing of Saul. Volunteers this week: Meal: Huff; Songs/Prayer: Jesse; Storyteller: Dave; Activity: TBA; Memory: TBA.

Panama Missions
Our Coins are for the Christmas Shoeboxes for the Panama Missions. You can begin collecting items we need and leave them on the table by the baptistry. Cindy has a sheet with the items that we’ll be collecting this year. We only have a few weeks to prepare our donations, and then we’ll use Wednesday Family Night to assemble the boxes.

Small Group Bible Study and Fellowship!
Our Sunday afternoon Bible study will be at Jason & Erin’s home this week. We’ll meet from 4:30-6:00 to study the Gospel of Matthew, starting in chapter 8. Everyone is welcome! After our study/discussion, we enjoy a meal together. If you would like to bring something to share, see Erin or Lesley.  


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