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September 7, 2014 

“We Believe…”

Our sermon this week will be a statement of the firmly held beliefs and teachings of the Escanaba Church of Christ. Sometimes folks are not really sure and need to have these important beliefs confirmed. Maybe you’re visiting with us for the first time and would like to better understand what we believe the Bible teaches. Whatever your current understanding, a review of what we hold dear is never out of season.

The churches of Christ do not have a formal written creed or statement of belief other than the Bible. This is sometimes disconcerting to some who want to understand us better. I’ve done some research and hope the beliefs I have written down will help those who want to know us better; clear up any misunderstandings of those who are members, and reaffirm our confidence that we follow the direction and teachings given to us by the Lord Almighty.

We’ll have copies of the list of those beliefs we talk about in our lesson available for everyone. God bless, Dave


Guest Speakers
Dave & Bonnie will be going to Florida later this week for some time off. They will be gone two Sundays, and we have men who have stepped up to present the lessons during their absence. They will also be gone the first Sunday of October to speak about the TV Ministry in Ludington, Michigan.

Sunday, September 14, Jesse Huff will present our lesson during the worship.

Sunday, September 21, Luke Wert will present our lesson during the worship.

Sunday, October 5, Dave Albaugh will present our lesson during the worship.

A schedule of adult class teachers and song leaders for those weeks is posted on the bulletin board.

Family Night—September 10
Every Wednesday we meet for supper is at 5:30; activities at 6:00. Our lesson this month is from Daniel chapters 1-3. Read it together as a family so you can be prepared for the activity/game each week in September. Meal: Lesley; Songs/Prayer: Marc; Activity: Huff; Memory:__ 

Potluck Season Is Here!
Our monthly potlucks begin again this week! Sunday, September 7th will be our first potluck for the fall season. Our theme will be “Cooking-Out Before the Snow Comes!” Plan to stay and enjoy the fellowship.

Congregational Planning Meeting
Everyone is encouraged to join us for our planning meeting after the potluck on Sunday, September 7th. If you have any ideas or concerns for the meeting, please see Jesse.

Let the Games Begin!
The Marquette ladies are hosting their annual Ladies Day on Saturday, September 13th. The theme is “Being on God’s Team.” Registration and Breakfast are at 9:00 am followed by Opening Ceremonies at 10:00. Get ready for some Olympic fun while we explore what it means to be on God’s team! Please come dressed appropriately to participate in games and team-building exercises for all ages. Featured keynote speakers: Pam Debelak and Rachel Bush. Come and GO FOR THE GOLD!


Jewel requests prayer for Kathy who has pneumonia. She’s in the hospital.

Barb requests prayer for Tracie Frappier who has pancreatic cancer and Alisia Roland has mouth cancer.

Dani requests prayer for the family of the murdered Escanaba woman. She has two young children.

Jason reports that Nicole’s Dad, Ed, is now at Christian Park.

Peter, Storm, Zach, Kyle, Jesse, Matt, Jess, Thomas.

Health: Carole, Curtis Sundquist, Theresa (M.S.), Mary Hawkins, Jake (back), Bill & Shirley Mills, Steve Clark. Cancer: Terry Phillips, Matt Smith, Tony Fittante, Rose Beauchamp, Christy Robinson, Marcia Frederick, Mary Ann Poe, Norah, and Jeanette Pierce. Pregnancy: Ashley Godoy, Sarah O’Neal, Emily Rath, Shelly Goodle.
Health Concerns

Lord's Control


Continued Concerns

Any updates on our Continued Concerns? Please call or e-mail so we can refresh our concerns to the Lord. Call 233-0065; E-mail  ltbs@att.net. 

Serving Sunday, September 7, 2014

Songs                            Dave Grant
Worship Leader
Dave Grant
Greeters     Sundquist