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Click the Bible to watch or download the most recent episode or archived shows of Let the Bible Speak!

For specific questions about the programs or content, call or visit Dave at the church located in the Soo Hill area of Escanaba at 5079 18th Rd just a 1/2 mile west of Soo Hill Elementary School. (906) 233-0065. Visit our worship and Bible study!

“Let The Bible Speak" is on TV 6 at 10:00 EST/9:00 CST every Sunday morning!  Be sure to tune in for the program on Sunday mornings or anytime on the web page by clicking the image below!

Dave & Bonnie Grant work with the Escanaba Church of Christ located at 5079 18th Rd in the Soo Hill area of Escanaba. The church building is about a half mile west of the Soo Hill Elementary School. Dave is the full-time minister. You're invited to visit with the church on Sundays at 10:00 for Bible classes and 11:00 for worship. The church also meets every Wednesday evening for Family Night at 5:30. Call for info at 233-0065.

We have several items available that will guide you in your study of God's word.  Please be sure to visit the "Contact Us" page and request items that you are in need of.

Some items that are limited, but free of charge include:

  • Hard cover Bibles (regular print & large print)
  • Bible Correspondence Courses

Some items that can be mailed to you for a small fee include:

  • DVD copies of "Let The Bible Speak."  Just let us know the date.
  • Sermon DVD's.  Let us know what subject(s) you're interested in.

LET THE BIBLE SPEAK, on TV6 every Sunday morning at 10:00 am (EST). Our thirty-minute Bible program began in March 1976 under the direction of Leslie W. Grant and the Escanaba Church of Christ. Les Grant continued on the program for 17 years. During a period of health struggles, Les asked his son Dave to host the program for a few weeks. The response was positive, and Dave has been the host since 1992. Les passed away in October 2009 after 62 years of preaching the Gospel!

Les and Dave have had several other ministers assisting them in this ministry. In the beginning, the format was a panel discussion. Joining Les and Dave in the teaching over the years were Dan Skaggs, Dan Robinson, Ron Bartanen, Charles James, Keith Cartwright, Bruce Tanner, Al Meakes, Jay Allen, William Huebler, Roger Rhodes, Jim Larsen, and most recently, Patrick O'Neal from the Escanaba, Michigan congregation of the Church of Christ.

The program started with the name, BIBLE QUESTIONS/BIBLE ANSWERS, and each week the panel would respond to questions from viewers with Biblical answers. The name changed after a few years and so did our format. The viewer responses indicated a strong desire for Bible teaching more than discussion. Thirteen years ago, we began to move away from a panel discussion to one or two teachers each week. These lessons are based solely on the Word of God.

The goal of our program is to encourage our viewers to study the Bible and do what the Lord directs them to do. In a world of religious confusion, the only hope for unity is a return to the only true authority, the Word of God. Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 as we LET THE BIBLE SPEAK.